Top Scallops
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Merlin Mann, Alex Cox, and Max Temkin watch season 13 of Top Chef.

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    Mildly Preferable to Hunger

    Merlin, Max, and Alex conclude their run of Top Scallops by eating some gross food and breaking down why reality TV often does not meet our expectations.

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    Episode 13: It Sogged Out

    Max and Merlin talk about politics and do some soul searching. And then what happens?

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    Episodd 9: We’re Not an Old Sicilian Woman

    Special guest Nick Kokonas of three Michelin star restaurant Alinea discusses running a kitchen, the production problems behind Top Chef, and being broth blocked.

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    Episode 7: Oatmeal and Blood Broccoli

    Max and Merlin discuss what people mean when they think about inspiration, the finer side of fast food, and mandolin catastrophes.

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    Episode 6: Cooking With Ra's al Ghul

    Max and Merlin discuss focus in the kitchen and workplace, Cajun Sparkle Recipes, and why you might need a tin foil hat.

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    Episode 5: Sucking as a Service

    Merlin and Max discuss Apple Music, their sous vide methods, a new business venture, and possibly Star Wars.

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    Episode 4: Snot on a Rock

    This week Merlin and Max discuss how to handle the stressors of being in the kitchen as well as the poor gaming of some of the show's challenges.

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    Episode 3: It Eats a Little Salty

    This week Max and Merlin discuss time management and Hidden Valley Ranch's Food Waste Reduction program.

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